Grand Rezen Hotel Golden Bay

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Entertainments & Journey

The squash center is located in first floor of the executive building. Business hours: 13:00—22:00 Charging standards: 60 RMB/hour Rental shoes: 10 RMB/pair
The bowling alley is located in first floor of the main building. Advanced AMF equipment and exquisite presents are for you in the bowling alley.
​You can have a great view of the sky and sea while doing bodybuilding. The gym is located in first floor of administrative building. It is equipped with running machines, rambling machines, mountain climbing machines, rowing machines, boosters, dumbbells, barbells, sit-up machines and other gym equipment.
No matter you enjoy surf bath or vapor bath, no matter you experience Chinese style massage or Thai Massage, you can find diligent details and feel comfortable. Specialized and senior professionals in keep-fit message make you completely relax in mind and body and restore vigor with their exquisite massage manipulation. It is equipped with independent massage VIP room, a secret rest place to relax your mind. Business hours: 13:00—24:00
The restaurant provides marine sightseeing project on the “Golden Bay”. Starting off from trestle wharf of the restaurant, with journey of about 45 minutes, people can appreciate the scenery of the sea and taste featured seafood.
​Business hours: 13:00—24:00 Charging standards: 150 RMB/hour (including tea water)
Business hours: 13:00—22:00 Charging standards: 13:00—18:00 50RMB/hour;18:00—22:00 80RMB/hour
Business hours: 13:00—22:00 Charging standards: billiards 50 RMB/hour Table tennis 40 RMB/hour
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