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Wedding & Feast

Floor space: 210 square meters (at lotus petal) Seating capacity: 100 people Venue characteristics: there are films and teleplays whose view were found and which were shot here. Newlyweds slowly come up from trestle gallery hand in hand, and accept the benediction from relatives and friends in lotus petal center area. This is fashionable, romantic and elegant, and the newlyweds can have zero distance contact with the sea, who can also arrive at trestle by yacht.
Floor space: 328 square meters Seating capacity: 20-30 people (Western style seat services) Venue characteristics: under the brilliant sunshine, the blue sky and sea can witness your happiness. The newlyweds accept best wishes from relatives and friends on a carpet of lawn, who can throw into the arms of the nature, sharing unique wedding atmosphere.
Floor space: 265 square meters (round) Seating capacity: 120 people (excluding the stage) Accommodated table quantity: 12 tables Venue characteristics: The newlyweds can embrace the magnificent sea, and taste the luxury charm between the beautiful sea and the sky, which makes your wedding ceremony like the nature itself and happy as well as unforgettable. Business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00
Floor space: 314 square meters (round) Seating capacity: 160 people Accommodated table quantity: 16 tables Flexible stage dimension: 4.9 meters *1.5 meters Flexible background plate dimension: 4.9 meters * 2.9 meters Venue characteristics: Weihai flagship restaurant has a panoramic view of the seascape from 280 degrees through wide glass windows, with elegant interior design style. With its elegant and poised temperament, it is the most ideal place to hold high-grade wedding party. Despite of the global view, there are only few restaurants which can compare favorably with it.
Floor space: 576 meters (rectangle) Seating capacity: 240 people Accommodated table quantity: 24 tables Permanent stage dimension: 13 meters * 8 meters * 7.8 meters Permanent background plate dimension: 11 meters * 4.5 meters Venue characteristics: perfect and advanced facilities are suitable for wedding parties of different scales and types, such as Western style church wedding and Chinese style royal wedding. Noble and elegant environment and advanced multimedia equipment will satisfy all of your romantic wish and beautiful fantasy.
The restaurant integrates the delicacy from China or the world, whose food is fresh, reliable and innovative. Chinese four styles of cooking reserve their home relish, and can fully present quintessence of lasting sweet-smelling Chinese delicious food but no lack of newfangled creativity. It is specially good at cooking of local farm vegetables and seafood, each of the cooked food is as tasty as the one cooked by the mother. Business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00
As the flagship restaurant in Weihai, the hall makes the “pure Chinese food”, and concept of original taste and flavor is given play to incisively and vividly. Each course is the essence delicacy from the vast Chinese menu, which is both good to hear or see and native and tasty. Through the wide glass windows, there is a panoramic view of the torrential sea. Elegant design style and elegant and poised temperament are the most honorable place for official commercial entertainment.
Lobby bar of the hotel provides all kinds of western-style pastry, drinks and soft drinks for the clients. Comfortable seats and leisure time can make you appreciate the vast sea while cultivating your mind and body.
The restaurant makes the pure western food, and with excellence cooking idea, is is famous for exquisite raw materials. It has elegant interior design rhythm, elegant and poised temperament and top chief cooks of French Royal Cook Association who cook in person. Reservation call: 0631—5677999 business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00
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